Did you hear?

Drums and Improv, ELL, and Books to Go

June 17, 2019

Drums and Improv, ELL, and Books to Go

In this episode of Did you hear? Jennifer Reeves, Chris Koppenhaver talk Let's Improv! and the West African Talking Drum (:23),

Then, we give you a behind-the-scenes listen! Our English Language Learning (ELL) Conversation Group volunteers share why they spend every weekend helping non-native speakers become proficient at English. (16:25)

Dave also tells you about our 6by6 books to go! (15:52)


  • Announcer: AMY FIELD
  • Co-host: Melissa Horak-Hern
  • Written by: DAVE CARSON & AMY FIELD  
  • Music & Editing: DAVE CARSON





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